We know a thing or two about Heating & Cooling...

Every year we are witnesses to severe home damage and health risks associated with the HVAC systems you rely on to keep you safe and comfortable. Water damage from these systems and mold/microbial growth within its components and drains is a constant battle to eliminate, using outdated methods and products that potentially harm the environment. Exposure to these risks has lead us to develop our own first line of defense to eliminate these risks from your home and business heating and cooling systems, the Humidicycle® and the HVAC IV®.

Biggest risk in your home.

Properties that have cooling systems are at risk due to the water removal from the indoor environment during the cooling process. The humidity removed collects in the system’s drain pan and then flows down the drains connected to the system. These drains are very susceptible to a slimy biofilm growth that eventually blocks the drains, grows within the pan and AC coils and leads to home damage from water leaks and health issues from spores in the air stream.

Home heating systems with humidifier, ventilators and dehumidifiers are also at risk for the same issues noted above. Mold grows on the humidifier pads and spread mold spores during operation. Ventilator and dehumidifier drains clog with biofilms and can lead to flooded and damaged floors from the water leakage. All of these concerns pose substantial risks in our homes and cause millions of dollars in home and health damages annually.

The solution is born.

So how does one combat this looming danger within the systems we install to keep us safe and comfortable? It would be ideal if there was some sort of system that automatically treats these issues, alerts us when it needs service, and attacks the problem in a manner that isn't dangerous or harms the environment. That was our challenge and the solution is our patented Humidicycle® and HVAC IV® systems.