Protect your home and prevent common HVAC system ailments

Every year we are witnesses to severe home damage and health risks associated with the HVAC systems you rely on to keep you safe and comfortable. Water damage from these systems and mold/microbial growth within its components and drains is a constant battle to eliminate, using outdated methods and products that potentially harm the environment. 



Mold on humidifier pad


microbial growth on humidifier pad


slimE blocking ac unit trap





Exposure to these risks has lead us to develop our own first line of defense to eliminate these risks from your home and business heating and cooling systems, the HVAC IV®. With this product you will:

  • Treat at-risk issues in your home

  • Alert us when it needs service

  • Protect the environment

  • Watch the system work automatically

The HVAC IV® is how you combat looming danger within the systems we install to keep us safe and comfortable.


Our unique approach for eradicating the home and health damages we have outlined is our patented HVAC IV® system. This system features a small storage tank, our amazingly adaptive control system, and a blend of chlorine dioxide and water (used in many applications including food sanitation) that is dripped into your heating and cooling systems pan and drains like an IV at the doctor’s office! The key to this assembly is our control system, a “smart” microprocessor that monitors your systems operation and cycles, determining the best time to inject our solution for optimum cleansing and extends the life expectancy of the storage tanks contents to minimize operating costs. The tank also has the option for a WIFI sensor system that will alert you and/or your HVAC professional when the tank volume is getting low and will need refilling/service (typically after 3 months of use, depending on how many devices the tank is serving).

This one unique distribution and control apparatus allows us to treat your cooling system pan and drains, condensate pump, humidifier, ventilator and/or dehumidifier, eliminating the hazards these systems harbor while serving our comfort demands. The installation process includes our assembly of components that would be located where our system can feed the solution into the necessary appliances by gravity. Homes with multiple furnaces or air handlers may need more than one HVAC IV®, our initial analysis would identify potential uses for our system and its integration between your HVAC products.


Specific benefits of the HVAC IV® system

  • Disinfection of the furnace or air handler drain pan, preventing mold and biofilm buildup within the appliance and the associated odors and health concerns caused by these microorganisms.

  • Regular treatment of the drain system to prevent blockages that lead to property damage.

  • Treatment of humidifiers, ventilators and dehumidifiers to keep them free of nasty molds and growths that block drains and cause health issues.

  • Environmentally friendly process with an automated/calculated injection of our disinfecting solution.

  • Option for automated alerts for service and refilling of the tank



Consider applying our HVAC IV® assembly to your HVAC system if you:

  • Have a furnace or air handler in your attic for cooling.

  • Have a humidifier, dehumidifier or ventilation system attached to your heating and cooling system.

  • Have a furnace or air handler is in your basement and the basement is finished.

  • Have AC in your home and want to reduce repairs from clogged drains, eliminate odors in the air handler, reduce system maintenance.


The basic components of an HVAC IV® installation include:

  • Our Patented control system that is the major contributor to the effectiveness of our assembly. This smart processor monitors the thermostat operation and knows when to dispense the cleaning agent, prolonging the tank volume and reducing maintenance by eliminating wasteful treatment

  • The cleaning agent is stored in a wall mounted blow molded dispensing tank with our mounting bracket and shroud (to protect the piping). We configure the dispensing piping to accommodate your system’s drain needs to assure proper coverage and treatment of the HVAC waste system that is prone to microbial growth

  • The storage tank is cleaned and filled with an initial volume of our biocide - typical treatment will provide 3 months of service – systems that have multiple devices attached to the HVAC IV® may require recharging more frequently


Avoid hazardous leaks and damage

Avoid hazardous leaks and damage

Water damage from client home

Water damage from client home