JB Solutions has been showcased in a few industry magazines and websites over the past 2 years highlighting some of the features and benefits of our HVAC IV® and Humidicycle® systems. Read the articles below to find out what the buzz is all about!


JB Solutions Releases HVAC IV® PLUS for Commercial Applications

Our jobs as HVAC experts goes beyond just keeping the equipment running. We should be conscious of the conditions our equipment creates in our client’s buildings and diligently protect their health and investments in their structures.

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JB Solutions Inc. Announces Launch of Exclusive Dealer Network

JB Solutions, Inc announces its plan to establish a nationwide exclusive dealer network of contractors for its HVAC IV® condensate treatment system. Their approach will set up HVAC contractors as authorized distributors of…


Small Town Inventions That Make a big Difference

The water conservation part, it’s incredible,” Jim Patterson said. “You never thought it was that much water until you measure it. If you could put 100,000 of these across the U.S., how much water you could save?

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Humidicycle System Conserves Water, Extends Life of Filtration Systems

JB Solutions, Inc. has developed its Humidicycle system to recycle all of the water passing over the humidifier pad with zero waste. The inventors, Jim and Brian Patterson, a father and son team in Massachusetts, recently completed their data gathering for the 2018-2019 winter season.


November 12, 2018

The HVAC IV® and the Humidicycle, invented by Jim Patterson of JB Solutions, cuts down on water usage in a humidifier, keeps drains from clogging up, and purifies the water so contaminants aren’t blown throughout the house.

Biocide system:

November 5, 2018

This automated biocide injection system for condensate drains attacks and prevents biofilm growth in air conditioning, dehumidifier, and ventilator drains, traps, and associated piping that can lead to health issues and property damage from flooding. It uses a control system that monitors…

Products that save money and energy:

Winter 2018

JB Solutions recently introduced the Humidicycle system, which pairs with the company’s automated biocide injection system for condensate drains, the HVAC IV® - to capture, clean and recycle the water back through the system.

Father and Son Teams:

October 8, 2018

Jim Patterson is the owner of Orchard Valley Heating and Cooling in Southampton, Massachusetts. His son, Brian, came up with the innovative product idea that lead to their first product offering, the HVAC IV®, and eventually evolved into JB Solutions. The company now has two products…

Conservation Accessory:

October 15, 2018

Conserving approximately 16 ounces per minute based on the average flow-through furnace/air handler humidifier. Focusing on water conservation, data results from a recent installation showed that 2,860 gallons of water were preserved in eight weeks of operation.

JB Solutions, Inc. Introduces patented HVACIV and Humidicycle Systems

June 15, 2018

This looks to be a promising year for father and son, Jim and Brian Patterson, owners of JB Solutions, Inc as their two products for home humidifier and water systems have cleared the US patent process…


HVAC Challenge of a Lifetime

This project was a bit different, as it is a very modern structure with extremely specific conditions required within the home, primarily to protect and preserve an art collection and provide exceptional comfort year round…. Our solutions for this application was to install a series of our HVACIV® systems for drain treatment and to sanitize our Humidicycle® assemblies we installed to collect the humidifier waste and recycle the water back through the humidifiers.